According to Grocery Drive, H-E-B's preparations for the coronavirus pandemic has become the stuff of industry legend.  H-E-B's team had started to track the virus in January making a massive plan for the pandemic, including reaching out to suppliers in China and Europe.  They started to simulate how the pandemic would affect their more than 400 stores.  H-E-B initiated an emergency command center inside of one of their facilities and started having more supplies delivered ahead of the pandemic.

Of course, you saw some empty shelves at H-E-B, but H-E-B was ready!  H-E-B had supplies stored such as dairy, meat, and produce, strategically throughout the state. The locations of these emergency supply center helped replenish stores quickly.  H-E-B went into creative mode when the severity of the pandemic set in.  H-E-B reached out to their beer suppliers to ship eggs. They even had creative solutions for the toilet paper situation.  In March, H-E-B began a dedicated delivery service, exclusively for Senior Citizens.  They are also leading the charge in the rollout of the COVID vaccination, SEE VIDEO BELOW.

Not only was H-E-B taking care of our great state of Texas, but they were also taking even better care of their employees.  They increased their employee's wages permanently during the pandemic, and in October they also issued a $500 bonus to all of their employees.   During the pandemic, the company has continued to open stores and take care of our first responders, front line workers, military and veteran families, and giving to community food banks including in our hometown of Victoria.  They also led relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura with their mobile kitchen and so many other awesome things.  You can read the full story posted by Grocery Drive

H-E-B continues to take care of Texas! 

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