Eight years after meeting on the set of The Voice, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are a happily married couple. And while the two appear closer than ever, Stefani recently confessed that she didn't know who Shelton was or that he even existed prior to her first season on the show.

"I’m gonna be brutally honest. When I first came on The Voice [in 2014], I didn’t know that Blake even existed really in the world," she admits to NBC Insider.

She was asked who she would have selected as a coach had she been a contestant on the reality singing competition. These days, her answer would be a no-brainer, but when she first joined the cast, she was just getting to know who Shelton was.

"But then I did my homework and I could see that he was an amazing songwriter, and then I could see everybody falling in love with him,” she continues. “I would probably have picked Blake, because I just feel like he’s so good at the show."

During that first season, the pop singer says she was drawn to her now-husband "like a magnet." After dating for five years, the pair got engaged in Oct. 2020 and tied the knot July 3, 2021 in small ceremony officiated by The Voice's host, Carson Daly.

For the first time, Shelton and Stefani are competing as husband and wife on this season of The Voice. Stefani says it feels "surreal," and being on set has stirred up so many memories from past seasons.

However, don't expect the two to go easy on each other — in a promo, Shelton confessed he uses his block against his wife.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8PM ET on NBC.

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