One man is literally putting his best foot forward, revealing that he is making big bucks — nearly $2,000 per month — by selling his stinky, sweaty, used socks online.

According to the Mirror, Billy-Joe Gray, 25, runs his OnlyFans account alongside his fiancée, and while the pair are used to receiving odd requests from fans, the idea to sell used socks came after a DM from a follower who requested a set pungent, worn socks.

Gray is now dominating the niche sock market and is happy to overshare his experience on social media.

He even makes $2,000 per month by selling the socks he wears daily, often wearing them at the gym, and for multiple days, before shipping them off in Ziploc bags.

According to him, the smellier, grimier and sweatier, the better.

"I started OnlyFans just over a year ago, and through OnlyFans, you get requests for items of clothing, whether that be socks, boxers, or gym tops ... A lot of guys had an interest in it because I have massive support from the LGBTQ+ community. They're like my main audience," he shared.

According to Gray, they "help support my page, and I do videos and content for them on my website as well as through TikTok and Instagram."

"I have a lot of Americans who buy my used underwear and my used socks and keep them for their own enjoyment," he explained, sharing that "I get regular buyers who will buy used socks all the time. I'll go to the gym on specific days for them and wear them over the course of one to three days."

Gray even posted a video to TikTok to show off a "Day in the Life" of a used sock salesman. Watch below:

In the comments section, one TikTok user was ready to swipe their credit card. "And where do we buy?" they commented under the video.

Another TikToker had some feet envy. "I love your feet," they wrote.

A third joked about having a tickling kink: "I want his feet, tickle tickle."

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