What's the catch? Well, it may not sound like much but this is only for senior citizens (60+ years old) and they are going to have to figure out how to use the phone app Favor. I'm sure there are plenty of elderly out who are familiar with apps and are able to utilize them to their fullest, but the rest maybe not so much. So, this is as much as a call out to senior citizens as it is to their well more tech-versed family members. It is up to the grandkids, and possibly kids, to talk your elderly family into how they can use this app.

That's right! By using Favor, senior citizens can have HEB groceries delivered to their door. This was created with public health and safety in mind. In an effort to keep physical distancing in effect to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people of 60 years and older can have groceries delivered to their residence. Delivery fees are waived, but what is included is a $10 tip for the delivery person. Let's be fair, these people are working hard during this time and they are even going as far as delivering you the groceries you ordered. I think it's only right that they are compensated for this extra service. for more information on this, check out the article written by KRGV by clicking here.

However, you can also have curbside pickup and home delivery by ordering from HEB's website. Watch the video below to learn how to order from their website.

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