Granger Smith announced on Wednesday (May 10) that he will soon release his latest single, “Happens Like That.” The song will be the first from a forthcoming new album.

To write "Happens Like That," Smith enlisted the help of seasoned songwriters Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson and Andy Albert, along with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard. The song came to be "sitting on the bus in a parking lot in Tacoma, Wash., watching fans file into the show," Smith tells Billboard.

"The song came from the idea that as soon as you sort of stop looking and are content with being single, that's when the love of your life walks into your life," the singer explains. "That narrative unfolded as all of us had lived it. It's when we least expect it -- it happens like that."

Smith tells Billboard that he wrote the songs for his next album while touring, in order to produce an authentic record that will connect with his throngs of enthusiastic fans.

"With any time I have during my days on tour, I have taken that opportunity to fill it completely with making music. Bringing writing friends out on tour has allowed the creativity to be so relaxed and free. There is a special camaraderie, and, in many ways, making music feels like it did in the early days of my career -- a few buddies sitting around with guitars telling stories," Smith notes. "Writing on tour, in the heart of all our fans, where ultimately the songs will be delivered, is a game-changer for me. We can literally look out the window of the bus and write songs about the town where we are parked."

Smith’s as-yet-untitled new album, the follow-up project to 2016's Remington, is set to arrive this fall. “Happens Like That” will be released on May 19 and go to country radio in mid-June.

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