Goliad, Texas residence are getting a Clorox refill from the city this week as residents try to get stocked up on any kind of disinfectant that can help to combat COVID-19.

Am I the only one who still feels uncomfortable going down the cleaning aisle at the store? You know, that isle that still has next to NOTHING in it. I understand that it took something like 4 weeks to get toilet paper put back on the shelves, but why after 6 weeks are we still not seeing Lysol spray or wipes return? I did see some "Acme brand cleaner" but none of the good stuff. Between Walmart and H-E-B, I'm still striking out.

Thanks to Crossroadstoday.com, the news is out about getting a free refill on your Clorox if you live in Goliad County. Goliad residents can stop by the Goliad Sheriff's Department with an empty bottle of Clorox (MUST still have the warning labels on the bottle), and they will refill yours from a 300 tank that they have on-site. Your next chance to take advantage of this offer will be this Thursday, May 7th, from 11 AM to 1 PM. There is a limit of two gallons per resident.

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