The Golden Crescent COAD- Community Organizations Activated in Disaster- has an incredible mission:

pullquotes alignment="full"]<p>“Provide permanent forum for community organizations to develop and/or strengthen preparedness, response, and recovery activities throughout the entire region.”</p><p> </p>[/pullquotes]

You might recall just a few short years ago they were activated during Harvey. It's almost unbelievable the circumstances in which they are called on again, but thankfully they are here to help. Their mission isn't easy but they are relentless. They have an incredible task ahead as more community needs are going to have to be met in the pursuit of recovery. With that in mind, if you've been wondering what YOU CAN DO TO BE A HELPER,  or where to go for help, here is the information you need directly from the GC COAD Facebook page to volunteer and to call for resources.

"For our neighbors here that desire to volunteer always call directly first and make contact with the volunteer coordinator. If you or someone you wants up to date information please go to which will also have links asap to make a monetary or material donation."

They included the following list of numbers for services to share with the Victoria community;

COVID-19 Hotline: 361-580-5796

Meals on Wheels for Seniors and Home Bound: 361-576-2189

Here is a video on how Meals on Wheels works courtesy of StoryHive.

Food donations? Please contact the Food Bank: 361-578-0591

Clothing donations? Please contact the Salvation Army: 361-572-3779

Material donations? Please contact the Victoria Long Term Recovery Group: 361-703-5567

Christ Kitchen To Go Meals: 11am – 1pm Curbside
361-578-4233 611 E Warren Avenue Victoria, Texas 77901

Salvation Army To Go Meals: 5-6p Curbside
361-572-3779 1306 N Louis Street Victoria Texas 77901

Individual/Family Assistance To Go: Victoria Christian Assistance Ministries
361-572-0048 108 N Liberty Street Victoria Texas 77904

If you need additional assistance DIAL: 211

Pastor Glen Dry was on hand Friday at 3 pm during Victoria County Daily Emergency Operations Management Meeting to discuss first hand the most immediate needs and organizations in Victoria. Here is the live recording. Pastor Glen Dry indicated that Meals On Wheels is in dire need of volunteers and drivers at this time.

Please consider volunteering.

Thank you to Victoria COAD for all of their efforts.

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