Help fuel South Texas with the gift of life and keep summertime donations flowing by making an appointment to donate blood.

Because students make up more than 20 percent of blood donors, summertime has a big impact on blood donations, says the Victoria Advocate. From June 1 through Sept. 30, all donors who donate twice at any neighborhood donor room or mobile blood drive are automatically entered to win one of two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. During the same dates, the names of all donors will be entered into weekly drawings for a $250 gift card and receive a Harley-Davidson themed T-shirt. The need for blood never goes away, so in spirit of motorcyclists, donors are being asked to "Donate to Live - Live to Donate" this summer.

Donors must show identification before beginning the donation process. Anyone 16 years old and weighing 120 pounds (with a parental consent form) or at least 17 years old and who weighs at least 110 pounds and is in good general health may donate blood. For more information, call 800-292-5534 or visit Visit a blood drive in your area.

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