A little friendly rivalry keeps things spicy, but a seething, bitter grudge makes for real entertainment. GameFly steps things up a few notches in its game-trading grudge match with GameStop with a new commercial. Actors thrash an unnamed, extremely GameStop-like retail store, enraged over the fact that the clerk is only offering them $9 for their used game.

The point of the ad isn’t necessarily that you shouldn’t trade in games at GameStop, but that you shouldn’t buy games at all. Instead, you should rent as many as you can handle for a flat monthly fee. And, judging from the commercial, you should also knock down store shelves at random.

GameStop, though, might argue that renting doesn’t always make sense. If you’re playing something that can last for a long time, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, or with a strong multiplayer component, like Madden or Call of Duty, you’ll tie up your queue for months by renting those games rather than buying them.

Here’s the commercial: