HBO celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their hit series of "Game of Thrones," the show that became a worldwide obsession. On April 10th, HBO began their "Marathrone," where fans could watch every episode from the beginning back-to-back, per AWN

Years later, and GOT fans are still obsessed with the series. The beloved characters we loved, the joyful reunions, and the tearful goodbyes. The show was full of magic and mystery, action, and adventure. While many (including myself) were disappointed with the last season, the show is still talked about and adored. It also helps that HBO is developing other series based on the world of Westeros created by George R. R. Martin.

In other countries, fans of the show can visit some of the locations where the show was filmed, like Croatia where filming occurred for the fictional city of King's Landing or Belfast where Winter's Fell scenes were filmed. If re-watching the show over and over again isn't enough for you, there's a Game of Thrones exhibit you can see right here in Texas.

At Texas A&M Cushing Memorial Library's Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection, you'll find some of the most treasured GOT memorabilia, including the Iron Throne. Located in College Station, there are plenty of GOT replica goodies to see including Arya Stark;s Valyrian steel dagger, Brienne of Tarth's sword Oathkeeper, Arya Stark's Valyrian steel sword Needle, and more.

When the show wrapped up, one of the valuable Iron Thrones also made it's way to George R. R. Martin's official repository at the university. The collection also includes various manuscripts, letters, books, memorabilia and more from the author being preserved. Find out more about George R. R. Martin's connection to Texas A&M University here.

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