So how do you want your Kentucky Fried Crocs? Original or Crispy?

Leave it to superstar shoe company Crocs and the King of Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken to collaborate on what might arguably be the weirdest fusion of feet and fast food to ever happen. EVER.

Although the Croc's official website is illusive on the KFC shoe debut " Coming Spring 2020", you can sign up by email to get updated notifications. No doubt you'll only have a few minutes to buy them before they sell out once your notified. NotiFRIED?!

So let's talk about these Kentucky Fried Croc's. The the top of the Croc looks like fried chicken, the bottom is designed to look like KFC's iconic red and white box.

And the "6 pie'ce de re'sistance" is the removable, chicken Jibbitz charms! Sure they look like drumsticks but drumstick drum roll please... THEY ARE SCENTED too! Yep, they smell like fried chicken!

Warning: The shoes are NOT finger licking good, they are NOT edible.

Get em' while they're hot!

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