While Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley, is indisputably driving a nice ride these days, social media is proving that someone else in the family truly is flossing. The Hubbard's baby daughter, Olivia, has not one but two cars, and they look just about as nice as her mom's!

The cars, of course, are child-sized and—although automated—run at child-speed. Which is a good thing, as Olivia isn't a year old yet. But, based on Hubbard's documentation they are just as stylish as the real deal.

Olivia expertly maneuvers a little white BMW model down the driveway in a cute video (swipe the post to see), while dressed swaggy in a red Adidas tracksuit and a gold necklace. If she tires of that car, she's got another that exactly matches her mama's (and there's photo documentation to prove it).

"This is what I get to come home to. Just speechless really. Guess she just got that swag," notes Hubbard.

Well! If this is what she's driving already, we can't wait to see what this little girl will be crusing around in when she turns 16 and gets her driver's license.

Olivia is a pretty talented girl for not even hitting her first birthday yet, as she was born on Dec. 23, 2017. The Hubbards announced the good news to fans that they were expecting a baby last summer.

Florida Georgia Line Have One!

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