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Time Out for My First Year on Radio

It was a wild first year at the radio station as I gear up my 2nd anniversary on the mic reflecting on what life has likely been like for most radio DJs during the past 18 months as COVID loomed through our communities. Long and admittedly a little lonely. It felt a little like being grounded. Thanks, Corona for the TIME OUT. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong, we've still had a blast inside the studios, but not being out in the community like the seasoned DJs told me I would be when I first came on board took its toll from time to time. I'm sure you can relate.

We took it to THE PEOPLE

Well that ALL changed this week when Jp and I got to get out amongst THE PEOPLE during our first roadshow event together to mark the opening of the newest Shipley's donuts on Navarro! And when I say THE PEOPLE I mean it! The parking lot was packed! Back to back traffic! Jp hit the line inside the shop and I hung out at the truck to give away VIP tickets to the Thursday, July 29th performance of the Staudt Bros! You can read about that concert below.

No paper and a pen with no ink

In a pinch, I had to write our VIP ticket winner's names on the back of a business card with a jacked-up pen at lightning speed. Here is the photo of that debacle.


Nothing but LOVE FOR YOU... Travis Farguhar???

Poor Travis, the line was loud, it was crowded and my pen didn't work, but he won tickets alongside Sarah Gerdes so I know he knows we love him as much as Sarah.

Shout out to all of our VIP ticket winners! If you know the winners in this photo above, remember they each won 2 tickets! They should bring YOU!

Oh, ya the hot donut. Never have I ever.

Never have I ever had a hot donut. And Lord knows I have had my fair share. That was of course until tried a donut fresh out off the rack. It basically melts in your mouth. MELTS.IN.YOUR.MOUTH.

OMG, I thought I liked donuts. Now I am obsessed. Guys, if you have never had a hot donut before I can't stress enough how amazing they are. From now on, that's the only way to go.

Have you ever had a hot donut before? Let us know on the station app!

If you haven't seen it yet on Facebook, we have a new Jp and Ingra Lee Morning Show page which highlights the whole hot donut experience in real-time.


We started with a dozen fresh hot donuts to take back to the station. That's not even close to what we had for our team when we got there.

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