Here is another viral moment from the State Fair of Texas! This video was posted to the Dallas Texas TV Facebook page and shows a man playing a dart game.  Whatever set him off, is not clear. However, we are talking about a stuffed animal. C'mon man! Before you watch the video, be advised of the explicit language...

These Two San Antonio Bars Raised Age Limit to 30

In a move that was made last year,  Bently's on Broadway and The Bar Horizons & More in San Antonio raised the age to enter their bars to 30 years old.  The Bar Horizon now advertises itself as a place where "the grown and mature come to relax, play, eat and dance."  The change has been effective since May 2022 and looks like it is here to stay.

In an article posted by KSAT 12, the owner, Toya Taylor, say "I don't do drama, I don't allow drama. That's why my age limit is 30 and up.  I love my 21 and up but sometimes they don't really know how to control their alcohol.'  They are pretty proud of the results, you can see the results by scrolling through their Facebook page, people are also on board with this change. What do you think?

Spend Halloween at One The Most Haunted Places in Texas

This place is scary! One publication calls Yorktown Memorial Hospital the scariest place on earth! If you are a fan of this kind of fright, this is for you! The Yorktown Hospital will once again be hosting Halloween at the Hospital.  You have THREE chances to get scared:  October 28th from 6 PM- 1 AM, October 29th from 6 PM to midnight, and Halloween night, October 31st from 6 PM- midnight. Admission will be $20 at the door until space runs out. More details will be coming soon or you can call 210-748-4475 between 8 AM - 6 PM.


Yorktown Memorial Hospital is filled with the spirits of those who died inside of its walls...if you choose to believe it. Yorktown Memorial Hospital is one of the most haunted places in Texas and has been featured on Ghost Adventures and Destination Fear on the Travel Channel.

Many have reported seeing red glowing eyes, black apparitions, and talking dolls! No, thank you. More than half of the people that visit the hospital report having some kind of experience.  Do you have what it takes to hang out at Yorktown Memorial Hospital during Halloween?

When it opened in the 1950's Yorktown Memorial Hospital was a rehabilitation center for those who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse. The building was eventually abandoned in the 1980s and still stands abandoned today.

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