So many times you see benefits, raffles, and fundraisers. You may have even dropped a few bucks in a bucket or bought plates. Those who have cancer or family or friends with cancer come up close and personal with this disease. Having a father who was diagnosed early this year and watching him stand on his faith has moved me in more ways than I can explain. Along with the changes in diet, enduring therapy sessions, and medical expenses it can be overwhelming, but seeing the out pour of prayers, support, and financial gifts we are thankful. It reminds us that we are not alone in this fight, a sense of hope. Today we received a fax for a benefit for Terri Dearman who is fighting this same courageous battle. I hope you will join the men and women of the Victoria Fire Department and rally behind Terri to continue to stand strong.

Fish & Shrimp Fry
(including all sides)
Date: October 28,2012
Where: KC Hall-Ben Jordon/Airline
Time: 11am-3pm
Cost: $8.00 plate
More info: Lee Morris@361-920-3631 or Donna Odem @361-655-1605