San Antonio resident and former, Los Angeles Ram, Ramon Richards, alleges he found a metal screw in a bag of Trix cereal and has filed a lawsuit against General Mills and H-E-B. The lawsuit was filed in a Bexar County district court against both companies last week, as reported

According to the article,  Richards poured the cereal from the bag into the bowl, following the "Ready to Eat" directions found on the bag, the lawsuit claims, which also directs people to pour milk into the bowl. Richards followed those directions and then ate the cereal where he then bit into a hard object. Richards claims in the lawsuit that he then felt pain in his jaw and teeth, and "heard a cracking sound in his mouth." Richards is seeking $250,000 for medical expenses and pain. Read the full article by clicking here. The cereal was bought at a San Antonio HEB location.  HEB declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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Is It a Crime to Jump Into the San Antonio River Riverwalk?

Here is a random topic that just popped up on my feed! Is it a crime to jump into the San Antonio Riverwalk? According to a San Antonio ordinance, it is indeed a crime to jump, wade, swim, or even touch the San Antonio River while at the Riverwalk. You could be cited and fined up to $500.00! The TikTok video was posted by texaschancla

@texaschancla Did you know that it’s illegal to swim in the San Antonio River Walk? 😳 #texas #viral #lawyer #reaction #sanantonio #riverwalk #sanantonioriverwalk #210 ♬ original sound - Jesse Hernandez



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