It's always good to see local and regional talent do well on a national scale. True, we have our very own "Texas music" here in the Lone Star State, and some of it is great, but I still like to see good Texan musicians competing and doing well at a national or worldwide level. For instance, Pat Green started out as a "Texas artist", as did Jack Ingram. Their talent carried them on to  larger, national recognition... they now appear on a "larger stage", if you will. The 'Eli Young Band' is another "Texas" act that is proving themselves on that larger, national stage. 

 CMT Daily Roundup reports the Eli Young Band is releasing their fourth studio album, Life at Best, today. Compared to their first three, the guys believe this album tells their story better than any of the others.  “This is kind of the first record that we really feel like entirely is autobiographical. And I really think that this is probably one of the most vulnerable records that we’ve ever done. We’re touching on subjects that we haven’t…really touched on before and so um, I think it’s definitely one of our more introspective records than we’ve ever had.” The new album’s lead-off single, “Crazy Girl” has already been downloaded more than 500-thousand times! Life at Best is available everywhere, now.

You can hear the Eli Young Band every day on KIXS 108.