Edna ISD is one of the first public school districts in Texas to have the kids back in the classroom for the fall. The students returned Thursday, July 30th, for the first time since Spring Break earlier this year.

Crossroadstoday.com reports that by Friday, July 31st, students attending Edna ISD started testing positive for COVID-19. Two students, siblings, both wore masks to school that day. Both students are no longer experiencing symptoms according to Edna ISD Superintendent Robert O'Connor, but they won't be returning to school until their 14-day quarantine has been complete.

Edna ISD says they are thankful they've been able to keep themselves stocked up on protective equipment with their own funds while waiting for additional PPE from the state shows up. The ISD doesn't feel they need to close at this time saying that they could close the campus for sanitation purposes and still be able to reopen the following day if the feel those steps are needed.

Both students mentioned above spent 1 day in the classroom before going into quarantine after getting their test results. Edna ISD told Crossroadstoday.com that both students contracted COVID-19 from someplace other than the campus.

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