As I was scrolling my social feeds, I started to see a post stating that an Edna business has offered to pay for all the caskets in the Uvalde, Tragedy. The name of the business is owned by Trey Ganem and his business is Soul Shine Industries. If you recognize the name it is because this business has done this before. If you remember back in 2014, Trey's business donated custom caskets to the family who lost five children in a house fire in Edna 2014. He also provided, free of charge, caskets for Vanessa Guillen and the Sutherlands Springs victims as well. This gentleman is a true angel on earth.

I reached out to Soul Shine Industries to get a little more information. When Trey woke up last night he felt the need to act quickly. He then posted the below on Facebook. He then sprung into action to make this happen. He was actually ready to make a trip to Georgia to pick up the caskets. However, word started to get around and a trucking company offered to pick up the caskets and bring them back to Edna. These caskets will celebrate the lives of these victims. 

Other businesses have also started to reach out. We will update the business that will also be helping in this amazing act of kindness. I have had the pleasure to interview Trey on two different occasions and this man is absolutely amazing and a true servant of God he will be on the show in the morning.

If you would like to help out Trey and Soul Shine Industries, you can send donations to Soul Shine Industries at 304 North East, Edna Tx, 77959. Visit their website and Facebook for more information. May you continue to send your prayers to all the families from the Uvalde tragedy and may we soon find a solution to make our world a better place. PRAY FOR UVALDE!

Soul Shine Facebook
Soul Shine Facebook

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