It's a boy for Dylan Scott and his wife Blair! The couple hosted a gender reveal party for their friends and family on Monday (July 24) to share the big news.

In the backyard of Scott's childhood home in Beekman, La., People reports, the country up-and-comer and his wife pulled apart poppers filled with blue confetti to find out their first baby's sex. The two are, Scott says, "just so happy and so in love with this little boy already.”

"We can’t wait to be parents! No nerves, just excitement," he adds. "Blair knows what she is doing with kids, and she is going to be a great mom!”

Scott and Blair got married on May 28, 2016, in Bastrop, La.; they revealed that they are expecting a child in early June. The two are Louisiana natives and high school sweethearts; in fact, Blair — who has been with Scott since sophomore year of high school — is the inspiration for his No. 1 single “My Girl.”

“As I was writing it, I wanted to put [in] true stuff, stuff that we have experienced together, stuff that reminds me of her. Also, I feel like other guys, when they hear this, they’ll think, ‘That’s my girl. That’s the stuff my girl does when it’s just us,'” Scott tells The Boot of the song. “It’s just stuff that we experienced together from the time we were 15, 16 years old, up until the time we wrote the song … The only line in this song that isn’t true is the Crown and Sprite reference … Other than that, it’s dead-on to what we’ve experienced together.”

Scott spent the spring of 2017 on the road for his 2017 My Town Tour; the trek’s penultimate stop was at the 2017 Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, Calif., in late April. More information about Scott’s music and his upcoming concerts is available at

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