McAdams Floral and Townsquare Media presented Dorothy with a snack basket for Assistant Professionals Week. If you have ever dealt with OLV, you know Mrs. Gehrke.  She was nominated by Sister Laura. Here is what Sister had to say about Dorothy:

"Dorothy has been secretary of OLV for over 26 years. She knows just about everything about everything and not only knows the history of the school but is totally involved in the present and future. She patiently serves as counselor to students, parents, and teachers alike and can always get whatever you want in the fastest time. Her prayerful presence is so welcoming and her whole heart is devoted to the growth and well being of everyone and every activity at OLV. We can't even imagine not having her here. It will easily take 5 people to replace her one day"


So here is an awesome gift basket courtesy of McAdams Floral.  Your office just doesn’t function all by itself, this is your chance to say thank you to that person that makes it happen! Give McAdams a call today to show your assistant how much you appreciate them.