This sounds like something that would happen in a movie, however, this story comes out of Liberty County in the Houston area. A family had just let their dog back inside after playing outside and in his mouth were the remains of a human hand!. It was at that point, that the family called the authorities.

As reported by Fort Worth Star-Telegram, A dog brought a human hand home to its family, leading to the discovery of a body in the woods nearby.  Investigators responded to the gruesome discovery after the homeowner called for help at about 4:45 p.m. local time Thursday, June 23.  Soon after, investigators say they found more human remains in a wooded area about 100 yards — the length of a football field — behind the home.  According to the Liberty County Sherrif's Office, “The remains were in an advanced stage of decomposition therefore it was not possible to determine the race or age of the body but the clothes would suggest the body would be male,” according to a news release.

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Authorities say they also found a revolver near the body in the Daisetta area of Liberty County. The sheriff’s office plans to release photos of the clothing later this week. There have not been any missing person reports that match the description of the remains, officials said, but investigators are checking with other agencies. An autopsy has been ordered. Daisetta is about 55 miles northeast of downtown Houston.

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