Come show your support this Sunday for Dian Denker Patterson. Many know her for the love and support she shows to our community. She works very hard for our veterans in our community.

Dobbin for Dian is being held at the Jaycee Hall. Doors open at 3:30 pm, meal served at 4:00 and bingo games beginning at 5:00pm. Only $20 presale for bingo games & spaghetti meal. Lots of great prizes and raffles to participate in. Cool merchandise to show support will be available. Let’s all get together to rally behind Dian Denker Patterson and family as she kicks cancers butt! If you would like to make a donation or purchase tickets please come by KIXS 108 107 North Star Drive or SEW Much More (1405 SW Moody St.) or Whole Sale Tire Company (502 N Wheeler St) or The Barn in Mission Valley (12201 FM 236).

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