It seems we have some interesting overseas packages arriving in the Southern United States. These packages are making the folks with the Texas Department of Agriculture very nervous as they try to get the word out that no one should open or plant these seeds.

As if there wasn't enough to worry about, now we have these crazy "alien" seeds showing up in the mail. Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller took to social media to warn Texans who are receiving packages claiming to be jewelry according to

There are all kinds of wild ideas about what will happen if a person eats or plants these seeds. It's almost scary to think that somebody out there will be so curious as to what these seeds are that they will eat them or plant them anyway. What will happen then? A giant beanstalk will grow from the ground? Toxic corn sprouts? Alien life forms? Who knows? They have nothing better to do in China then send us prank packages?

Commissioner Miller said he urges Texans to take the matter seriously. He said, "An invasive plant species might not sound threatening, but these small invaders could destroy Texas agriculture. TDA has been working closely with USDA to analyze these unknown seeds so we can protect Texas residents.”

If it is some sort of invasive species in a bag it could do serious damage to native crops, introduce new diseases, or perhaps harm our state's livestock. Let's hope someone has a chance to get these things under a microscope sooner than later.

If you do happen to receive one of these unsolicited seed packages you are asked to immediately report it to

Hundreds of Americans over in Louisianna have also been receiving the same kinds of packages as seen in the video below.

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