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It's so hot in Texas y'all! We'd do just about anything to stay cool, like build our own DIY swimming pools!

After several summers of basically begging my husband for a backyard pool, I started to consider digging a hole in the backyard myself, just to get it started.

Then three years ago one of my phenomenally talented DIY friends put together her own version of a swimmers paradise when she converted a water trough into a swimming pool and decked it out just in time for summer.

Texas reaching 103 degrees in early July is INSANE!

This year my husband finally gave in after temperatures reached an incredible 103 degrees in Victoria, Texas and we were forced to stay indoors during the heat peak hours for fear of spontaneously combusting. Okay, that's a little dramatic, but dang it, it's been so freaking HOT outside. Although he did break down and bought an above-ground pool, we admit to buying a cattle trough the year before trying to replicate my friend's DIY. It sucked. We are just not good at DIY.

It's with DIY in mind we present to you the following hilarious pools you can create yourself, perfect for beating this ungodly Texas heat. with that we present our five favorite DIY pools, starting with...

The Old Trampoline Turned Simming Pool DIY from AreJay on Youtube

Check out this DIY for the budget-minded Texan.

According to this video brought to you by Mech Ninja Youtube, this beauty only cost $40.00, about a third of the price of an adult ticket to a one-day water park.

If you own a truck, you are in luck!

Here we go Texas, DIY Truck Bed Swimming Pool brought to you by the insane characters on Outdoor Outlaws of course!

Joe Smith, Party of one, Joe Smith, Party of one...

Pallet pools are a thing y'all! Brought to you by Wise and Well.

And last but not least, you've got to see the DIY that brought over a million views on Youtube, compliments of Quantum Tech HD... so you know this is going to be the real deal.

As long as you're building your own pool, check this out!

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