Our dance cards for later this year are starting to fill up. And by “dance,” we mean “sit on our rumps until 3 a.m. playing games.” The Assassin’s Creed-wannabe Dishonored comes out Oct. 9, followed Nov. 20 by the latest in the outrageous hired-gun sim Hitman series, titled Hitman: Absolution.

You’ll remember Dishonored from last month, when we showed you its debut trailer. Here is a little refresher, in case you’ve got about four minutes to kill. Kill — that’s a pun.

In Dishonored, users play as a former bodyguard framed for murder who seeks to clear his name, thanks to a strange helper who gives you all sorts of superpowers.

Hitman: Absolution is more straightforward, with the barcoded, bald-headed agent of death having faked his own death to go on ghost protocol, taking out his bitterness on the powers that be who have done him wrong.

With Assassin’s Creed III set to release Nov. 13, we’re starting to sense a theme here. We’d say 2012 looks to be the Year of the Assassin, and the first victims will be our wallets.