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Someone is dumping wild hogs that they have killed on the side of the road in Victoria and experts tell us it's not only disgusting, but it's dangerous too.

The first questions are obvious. Who would do this and why?

Hunting hogs is legal in Texas, but properly disposing of the dead animals is a part of good hunting stewardship. Piling them on the side of the road, like these on Salem Rd is not ideal for a multitude of reasons, one being it's just disgusting to look at but there is a multitude of dangers as well.

Who piled these dead pigs up? It might remain a mystery.

According to Hillcrest Animal Hospital, dumping hogs poses a health risk, especially when it comes to the decomposition of the hogs. Dumping them near water or a water system is an additional health hazard. Vultures and coyotes will also likely try to consume the meat of the carcasses and with the location of the dead hogs so close to the road, animals consuming the hog carcass could pose an accident risk for drivers as well.

Animals on the road pose a serious risk, especially in Texas.

Catto and Catto explain, "Texas has twice as many motorists killed in vehicles colliding with wild animals than any other state, the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) reports.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), more than 5,000 vehicle/animal crashes occur annually on Texas roads, and on average, 17 people are killed every year in these crashes.

Dr. Beck, a local veterinarian who first brought the hog incident to light, offers that the best place to leave a dead wild hog you killed is right where you killed it. Yep. Dr. Beck recommends you leave the dead animals where they were killed and let nature do the rest.

How should you dispose of dead wild hogs?

Outside of letting nature run its course if they are killed in a field, other ways to dispose of pigs include burning them or disposing of them on your property.

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