Shouting it all the way out to Refugio and Shiner whose football coaches have been mentioned among the top football coaches in Texas according to Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine. Dave Campbell's Football magazine is the holy grail for high school football and recently posed the question “who are the top coaches in Texas?”,  which is quite a conversation to be mentioned in.

The two Coaches can now retire happily after being mentioned by the Texas legend

Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine shined the spotlight on the two Crossroads Coaches, Jason Herring of Refugio, and Daniel Boedecker from Shiner. The two coaches have been extremely successful in their careers and love what they do.

Coach Herring (Refugio) a Man with Many Rings.

Coach Jason Herring the coach for Refugio is one of the most decorated coaches in the state ranking in the top 10 with 254 wins. Coach Herring is also in the top 10 for district titles at 14, not to mention herring has also brought home 4 Bobcat state titles. The Angelo State alumn thanks his competitive nature and love for interacting with kids. You can clearly see why he would be a part of the conversation when it comes to best coaches in Texas.

Coach Boedecker’s (Shiner) COVID Season.

Six months ago, the Shiner Comanches were playing through the strangest circumstances they had ever faced, which was COVID-19. Going into the state game there was lots of uncertainty as to if they would even get to finish their undefeated season. Coach Boedecker in an interview after their win over POST in the state game gave all of the credit to their hardworking players and assistant coaches. Thanks to the leadership of their coach, they finished off the season 14-0 and overcame the COVID uncertainties. All in all coach Boedecker is a perfect candidate to be in the elite Texas coaches conversation as well.

The Battle for the Throne.

The fans of these two high schools are always in for a great game when they meet up in the playoffs. The juggernaut 2-a schools religiously meet up in the Region 4 playoffs to see who will advance to the state game with the most recent being in 2020 when the Comanches outscored the bobcats 24-13 and later went on to win state.

Just one more reason we LOVE living in Texas. The football is WAY better here!

Thanks to intern Joseph Lozano for diving into the update to recognize these two south Texas kings of coaching.

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