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Who let the dogs out?

George Paul Jones of Abilene let the dogs out.

Sadly, however, it led to one dog's death and injuries to several of them.

Authorities are still trying to find a motive for why Jones would scale the fence of the Abilene Animal Shelter this past Friday freeing several of the dogs at the shelter and then stealing the shelter's van.

At first glance,  the news report sounded like perhaps we had an animal rights activist on our hands who was maybe making a statement, but it turns out that there might not be any true motive, and sadly for that, some of the dogs were hurt. One was even killed.

Likely, most of the injuries were from the dogs being stressed during the break-in and in the confusion began to fight each other. Now the Abilene Shelter is having to fundraise just to defer some of the medical expenses, not to mention trying to locate several of the dogs that continue to be missing.

It's unclear at this time how the one dog died, but likely from succumbing to injury during the break-in and release of the dogs.

If you are able to help, the shelter is asking for donations.

"We are asking the animal-loving community to come together and donate to this medical fund that is being established to provide much-needed medical care to a number of the animals injured during today’s break-in" the Abilene Shelter's Facebook reads.

Jones is now facing multiple charges including animal cruelty.



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