Excited to check out a Texas Buc-ee's for the first time, Dawn and Richard Thompson faced a shocking surprise while shopping around Buc-ee's in Baytown.



Inside the store, as Dawn grabbed outfits for her grandkids and explored the massive beef jerky options, things suddenly changed. Two Buc-ee's workers showed up, asking if the truck outside was theirs. After the couple confirmed the truck was theirs they were suddenly told, "'You are not allowed to purchase anything here, you have to leave now,' and I was still holding my items that they were telling me I'm not allowed to buy."  


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Feeling confused the Thompsons were led out. Turns out, their semi-truck wasn't welcome because of a strict rule- "NO 18-WHEELERS ALLOWED." 

Their truck did not have a trailer attached and only took up 2 spots in a secluded area. The couple confirmed there were RV's taking up the same amount of space, "We're not a big truck, how are we any different than an RV?" Thompson asked. "This is where we live."


Aaron Savage TSM
Aaron Savage TSM

This parking policy at Buc-ee's hasn't just left the Thompsons scratching their heads; it's stirred up frustration among other truckers as well. According to reports, trucker blog America Over the Road expressed their discontent back in 2018, labeling the policy as "annoying" and "offensive." 

This sentiment is shared by many in the trucking community, who question the logic behind restricting certain types of trucks. In a Facebook post from the same year, America Over The Road raised valid concerns: "Give one good reason why bobtails or truckers / 18-wheelers are not allowed at your store. How do you get freight/merchandise? Tankers are allowed to fill up your underground tanks but that’s it?"

These questions resonate with truckers who find the policy puzzling and seem to highlight a potential inconsistency in how Buc-ee manages its truck-related access. As the controversy unfolds, truckers across the region are discussing their own experiences and opinions on the matter. 

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