Coronavirus numbers continue to climb dramatically in Texas during the month of June.

The numbers since June 1st are very concerning. Reopen and save our crippled economy or keep things closed and keep people from getting sick. Neither decision will make everyone happy. That's why I think the word unprecedented has been used more in 2020 than possibly in any other year in history.

So the latest numbers look like this. On Sunday, June 14th alone, Texas Department of State Health Services. reported another 19 additional deaths and more than 1800 new coronavirus cases. There are also now more people hospitalized with coronavirus than at any other time since the outbreak. Big picture numbers from the Texas Department of State Health Services show 87,854 cases right now in Texas up from 86,011 on Saturday (6-13).

What has Texas Department of State Health Services concerned is they are reporting that the actual number of people who do have this virus in Texas is impossible to pinpoint due to the number of untested individuals and the number of people who are infected but do not feel sick. TDSHS puts the number of Texans who have recovered from Coronavirus to be at 58,341.

Texas is currently sitting on 27.537 active cases with 2287 in the hospital. No figure was available for how many of 2287 are currently on ventilators. While many of the cases so far have been mild to moderate, but the older residents of the state have seen severe symptoms that can quickly turn fatal.

So mask up as we begin another work week and do your best to wash your hands, do not touch your face, and keep up that social distancing that we keep hearing about but actually see fewer and fewer people practicing. It's going to be an interesting summer in Texas. Be safe y'all!

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