Congratulations to Brian Patterson at JC Penny, he won a Boss's Day gift basket from McAdams Floral.  Here is what Elizabeth and Connie had to say about him...

"I nominate our boss Brian Patterson.
Back in 2017, our town was hit by a hurricane, and our store JC Penny suffered significant damage and some associates homes were damaged

Through all this , there was not a day that went by ,not one, That all his employees were his main and only concern. He showed up to work with a laugh and smile to brighten our days in such a hard time in our lives.

And although, this mans plate is full on a daily bases. I can promise you it is, it is never to full to listen to anyone of us if a situation is going on in our lives. We are reminded daily that we are winners. He believes in us. And will give it his all to give us the tools and knowledge to persevere.

Why? Because he believes in his team. He works by our side, he guides and teaches us with all his knowledge. He wont give us a task, he at anytime will not take upon himself. We are not treated as less, we are all equal and to us you couldn't ask for a better boss."


A thank you to our friends at McAdams Floral for the awesome gift baskets.

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