Cody Johnson just showed everybody what Texas Country is all about, and he did it on the biggest stage in the stage of Texas. Co Jo just sold out Rodeo Houston and performed in front of 74,177 people, second to only Garth Brooks this season thus far. According to insiders, Cody Johnson's performance is going to be hard to top this year. What did he do special? Well, he took pop country out the equation for one night. What else did he do? He dressed like a Cowboy! He got the attention of the sell out crowd by coming out on a horse instead of a truck. You know, the way a real cowboy should. His performance grabbed the crowd immediately with "Diamond In My Pocket," "Cowboy Like Me," and "Me and My Kind" to name a few. This show almost didn't happen. Johnson was a last minute replacement for Old Dominion and we are all very grateful this happened. He also teased his new album before closing the show with slew of big hits including, "Texas Kind of Way," "With You I Am," and finished "Dear Rodeo." Co Jo has come a long way from playing in front of 400 in Schroeder Hall years ago, to 74,000+ on the big stage yesterday. We all know Cody is one of the jewels of Texas Country, but can he break through the Nashville scene? One thing is for can hear him on KIXS108!

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