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While all of the improvements on the list are fantastic. Here is what I think that should be added to the list: 1.Synchronization of traffic lights, let's be honest, there is none!  2.  Repave North St. by Patti Welder, I have been bouncing up and down that street since I have started driving. 3. Repave Vine St. from Mockingbird to Magnolia. It's  Victoria's unofficial roller-coaster. Add your thoughts in the Facebook comments of this article.

The Victoria City Council during the past month approved projects totaling more than $2.7M to rehabilitate streets and utilities in the North Heights subdivision, design a drainage and street repair project in the Lone Tree Acres subdivision, place a seal coat in four additional subdivisions and update road striping around the city.

The City Council at its March 16 meeting awarded an $863,925 contract for a seal coat project in the Cimarron, Riata, Silverado Trail, and Waterstone subdivisions. The project will include leveling the streets, completing base repairs as needed, and applying a seal coat followed by an Onyx surface course.

The current phase of the project includes reconstruction of part of San Antonio Street and nearby side streets as well as curb and gutter replacement, storm sewer improvements, and driveway replacement. Construction is expected to begin in April 2021 and finish in April 2022.

The council also awarded a $275,700 contract to design the upcoming Lone Tree Acres Subdivision Drainage and Street Repairs Project, which will help to alleviate drainage issues caused by the subdivision’s flat terrain. The project will include the construction of a drainage outfall, roadside ditch improvements, and street reconstruction. The design phase is scheduled for completion in October.

The council also awarded a $199,245.15 contract for a striping project on portions of Ball Airport Road, Guy Grant Road, Laurent Street, Ben Jordan Street, Juan Linn Street, Odem Street, Pleasant Green Drive, Lone Tree Road, and Water Street at the Feb. 23 meeting. The project is expected to be completed in July 2021.

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