In the last five years, Chris Young has gone from being just another struggling country artist to scoring three top five albums, four straight number one singles, and a growing stack of awards, as well as a 2010 Grammy nomination.

All that success has changed his life — but it’s still new enough that Young can remember the days when the top of the charts seemed like they were a million miles away.

“Things have become a lot different here in the past couple years,” Young reflected during a recent interview. “There’s a lot that has changed. I’ve gone from being a first act to one of the middle acts on a tour. We’ve also had our first successful album and we’re working on what we hope will be a successful new one. Everything feels good right now. I’m really thankful for the career that I’ve been able to have so far.”

Young revisited his working-class roots for an episode of ‘Day Jobs,’ the GAC series that sends country stars back to their old jobs for a day. For Young, this meant spending a shift installing air-conditioning units, and it definitely brought back memories. “That was before I was even making any money from music. I was barely getting paid to do shows. I didn’t have a record deal or anything,” he recalled later.

He added, “It took me back to the days when I really needed extra money, and it reminded me how lucky I am to have the career I have now.”

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