Chris Janson's love of Mountain Dew is well documented — he even name-drops it in his song "Fix a Drink" — but until recently, he hadn't had a sip of the bubbly, neon yellow drink in two years.

Then, he earned a No. 1 song.

In early August, Janson's single "Done" topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart — his second-straight single to do so, following "Good Vibes." So, he cracked open a cold one.

"I hadn't drank Mountain Dew in two years until 'Done' hit No. 1 for the first week, and then I was like, 'Well, this is a great reason to celebrate," Janson recently shared during a media event.

"And by the time it was a two-week No. 1, I had drank well over two 12-packs," he adds with a laugh.

Janson's other celebratory vices included "a bunch of cigars" and a new tractor. He sold his a couple of years ago and decided now was a good time to buy another.

"I've been hard pressed to find me not on it," the singer says of the recent purchase.

Written by Janson with Mitch Oglesby, Jamie Paulin and Matt Roy, "Done" comes from the artist's Real Friends album. It's an upbeat love song inspired by his wife, Kelly; Janson says he loves both the song's meaning and its different sound.

Janson recently released "Waitin' on 5" as his next single. He says he's not feeling pressure to get it to the top of the country charts, despite his two-in-a-row streak.

"Having hits ... that's awesome and all, but I don't ever put pressure on myself, because music is supposed to be fun. There have been times along the path where I've lost the fun in it, and it just becomes miserable," he shares. "I think when you have a grateful heart, you walk with humility and you pray over your career, and you have other people who believe in your career as much as you do ... you don't really have the pressures of that."

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