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Boom Shaka Lager Festival

Our mug runneth over!

Even if I didn't love beer as much as I do, the latest name in Texas beer festivals, 'Boom Shaka Lager' sounds so fun I would still raise my mug and cheer for beer!

Craft beer and craft beer festivals are 'hop'ping in Texas and the newest beer festival in Houston,  the Boom Shaka Lager Festival going on tomorrow, June 26th, will certainly be 'racking' up attendance. Ready for a road trip? Let's 'head' to Houston! I'm 'frothing' to go too!

Where is it at?

Located at the Urban South-HTX Brewery, at 1201 Oliver St. in Houston, the Boom Shaka Lager Festival will be an inaugural event for Urban South HTX Brewery. Urban South HTX isn't limiting guests to just their own brews though, instead, they have invited different breweries from Texas and beyond to join them, all in one place. The festival is scheduled from 2 to 8 pm. and according to Culture Map Houston, tasting includes yummy lagers from Great Heights Brewing Co., Celestial Beerworks, Baa Baa Brewhouse, False Idol Brewing, Klaus Brewing Co.,11 Below Brewing Co., Local Group Brewing, Holler Brewing Co., Ingenious Brewing Co., Weathered Souls Brewing Co., New Magnolia Brewing Co., Astral Brewing, Eureka Heights Brew Co., and Batch Brewing Co as well as Urban South Brewery too!

Get your ticket invitation right here.

Tickets cost $25 per person and include 5 pours from some of the best breweries in Texas. A premium ticket still includes 5 pours but opens your taste buds to all of the breweries participating in Boom Shaka Lager. There will be vendors and food too.

If you go take photos and we will include them in our Facebook and app posts! 

What's your favorite brew?

We are really curious about what your favorite brew in Texas is. Let us know via the app!

We've got a glossary just for fun for you too.

If you are new to brew, here is a beer glossary just for fun, thanks to which you can read here.

Cheers to Beer!

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