Playing Texas Lottery Scratch is something I enjoy and recently, luck has been on my side. I make it a point to purchase a tickets in every town I stop in when traveling.  Three weeks ago, I purchased a $5 Monopoly 50X in Freer, Texas and found a 10X symbol for a $50 win!  This past Saturday, I bought a $5 $50,000 poker at the Cobra Corner in Vanderbilt. I had three winning hands for a $100 win.  I know my method is is not scientific, but it works for me LOL!

I normally don't pay attention to expiration dates on lottery tickets, but apparently it is a really big deal!  There are many tickets that are ending soon with top prizes still available. Here are five games that are set to expire tomorrow, go out and buy one, you could win!!!

Are you feeling lucky today?  Have some fun and play responsibly!

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