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It's the new Townsquare Talks- EVERYTHING 361, a podcast featuring all the great people and events in the 361 area code!

You read it right, the 361 area code now has its own podcast, Townsquare Talks Everything 361, sponsored by Victoria Air Conditioning and hosted by KIXS108 Morning Show host, Ingra Lee, dedicated to all the great people and events in the 361 area code. Her first guest is Victoria Chic-Fil-A owner and operator, Mr. David Murphy.

If you are a KIXS listener you know we've been super excited to share this secret with you these last few weeks. It's finally here!


Where can find and listen to the Townsquare Talks Everything 361 podcast?

You can find Townsquare Talks Everything 361 right away on the KIXS108 website. If you're on the KIXS 108 website at just look at the top under the " What's Hot" column. Because you guessed it, this new podcast is HOT! Or on the website, you can click the "Kixs Podcast" link. You can also click right here to get started too! You can also get the Townsquare Talks podcast across all of your devices!

David Murphy spoke at the recent Townsquare Talks and offered business tips to the audience, things he learned during the pandemic.

David was the featured speaker at the recent Townsquare Talks event where business leaders in the Crossroads come together to collaborate. One of David's speaking topics that afternoon was about ' taking care of your team.'

What was the burning question at the Townsquare Talk event?

Of course with a year of the pandemic under our belts, one of the most burning questions David was asked by the audience was, "When is the dining room going to open again!"

Luckily, Ingra Lee got the chance to talk to David after the event in more detail about his life partnering with his wife Tammy and the two becoming successful restaurant owners. With that, the first episode of the Townsquare Talks Victoria 361 podcast was born!

Here is something we bet you didn't know about Victoria Chic-Fil-A owner David Murphy.

David Murphy was originally getting his degree in nuclear physics!

Yep, nuclear physics! "Now I fry chicken in peanut oil!"  David offers with a laugh.

You can hear the full story, like who David's heroes are on the Townsquare Talks Everything 361 podcast of course!

Join us for the next episode where we will feature special guest Victoria District Attorney, Constance Filley.

Who do you think we should interview after that? We'd love to hear your suggestions! This podcast is for you, so let us know!

Just message us on the app and let us know!

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