Facebook Funny Foto of the Week
Every once in a while, I come across a photo on Facebook that makes me smile. I found one of those today. Ladies, please don't take's all in good taste (so to speak). And men: see if you don't agree with the sentiment expressed in this photo!
10 Reasons To Drum For Your Health
You may (or may not) know that I have been a professional singing drummer since I was in high school. While to some, we drummers sit on a seat (known in drumming lingo as a "throne;" please keep your jokes to yourself!), most drumming requires a fair amount of physical and mental abilities…
Demanding Bride’s Bridesmaid Email Goes Viral (Again)
A bride-to-be whose name hasn't been revealed emailed out a lengthy missive to her ten potential bridesmaids, telling them exactly what would be required of them if they accepted her invitation to be in her wedding party. The demands were so outrageous, causing it to go viral.

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