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Buc-ee's On Blast

Texas travelers have been balancing double-takes and head-scratching all while trying to stay focused on the road in Temple Texas after seeing the latest billboard advertisement for Texas' beloved bathroom pitstop and so much more... so so so much more store...Buc-ee's.

What the hello is a hodwy anyway?

Seems the Buc-ee's beaver is remaining tight-lipped as even more Texans begin to ponder why Buc'ees's newest billboard reads, "You Had Me At Hodwy."

Did Texas' favorite rodent mean to write, "You Had Me At Howdy" which could be a Texas twist on the famous line in Jerry Maguire, " You had me at hello," but somehow accidentally misspelled it to read " You had me at Hodwy?"

It's such a mystery that Texas fans, Buc-ee's fans, and even major news agencies across the state are posting stories covering the question.

Even Buc-ee's most dedicated followers, like this group dubbed " Buc-ee's Lovers" with a whopping 24 thousand members on Facebook are getting their nuggets in a twist over it. You can view their comments on the controversy here.

Is this a diss to Chic-Fil-a?

My first guess was perhaps the misspelling was an intentional nod or more likely a diss to Chic-Fil-a 's often misspelled cow quotes you see along the roadways and highways on billboards around Texas too.

Wait a second, this is free advertising too!

When we first saw the Facebook post on Bucc-ee's Lovers, we immediately Googled " Hodwy" and the only things that came up were about a dozen news articles on the subject of the misspelling. This leads us to agree with a smart commenter on Buc'ees Lovers who writes, "Of course, they meant to misspell it. Do you want an explanation look at all the publicity, the free publicity, and advertising Bucees is getting out of this?

Buc-ee's Knows Bathrooms and Nuggets AND Marketing!

If there is one thing that Texans know for sure it's that Bucc-ee's damn good at nuggets, jerky, fudge, jewelry, candy, t-shirts, clean restrooms, and oh yes, too.

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