When I was visiting Utah, I visited a craft brewery restaurant and was impressed with their beers, but I was disappointed that I couldn't buy a case or two to take home with me. They have very stringent laws about selling beer in that state. Meanwhile here in Texas, we're about to be able to visit a craft brewery and not only try their beers but also buy some to take home.

A new law that goes into effect on September 1st will allow not only sales like that of beer to go but, will also allow delivery of beer and wine from restaurants. House Bill 1545 will also keep the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission operating for several years.

Currently, if you visit a craft beer tap room, you aren't allowed to buy some of the beer you like to take home. When the new law takes effect, all that will change, although the amount of beer you can buy will be limited.

Beer distributors had been opposed to the idea because they worried it would interrupt the state beer market. This year, however, brewers and distributors agreed to allow the sales of more craft beer in the retail market.