It's no secret that music video shoots make for a long day. But in Brantley Gilbert's case, shooting his 'Kick It in the Sticks' video was a really, really long day.

"We could go on all day about that video shoot," Gilbert tells Taste of Country with laughter. "We filmed it behind [my co-writer on 'Country Must Be Country Wide'] Mike Dekle's house, which is where I was living at the time. I lived right across the lake from Mike's. It was basically in my backyard."

"We got in that night from a show about 4:30 in the morning. We rolled in, and I got all my stuff out of the car. I'm was still in the clothes from the night before," he reveals. "We didn't even have a bus then. We were in a Ford Excursion, so there was no showering or changing -- nothing -- from the night before. We played a sweaty club. I walk into my house, and I was going to take a nap. We weren't supposed to start shooting until 8 o'clock. I thought I could get at least two or three hours of sleep. My manager at the time [was at my house], and he said before you do that, I want you to come over here and meet the actor and actress for the plot. I walked next door, and they walked me right into makeup, and then right out the door and went straight down to where we were shooting on site. So in that video, that is the same outfit I wore in the show the night before. I didn't change."

With no nap, no shower and no change of clothes, Gilbert admits he wasn't feeling really into the shoot. "I was not in a great mood just to start the whole thing," he says, laughing. "But when those people started showing up, it was so awesome. Most of the people [in the video] I knew. All my biker buddies are in there, and they're a big part of my life. The people who mean so much to me actually got some camera time. It was right there at home, and we had people travel from all over the place to be in it. That was a cool aspect, as well. I think the coolest part of that was it being really homegrown and having the people who mean so much to me be a part of a huge thing in my career."

And while the 'You Don't Know Her Like I Do' singer was tired, it didn't keep him from having a bit of fun on set, which included his no-stunt-double-required backflip on the hood of the car he performs on throughout most of the video. "I'll tell you ... I was going to do that with a guitar, and my guitar player talked me out of it ... it's probably a good thing," Gilbert says with a grin. "It was raining, and I was in cowboy boots."

The video has already become a fan favorite on YouTube, racking up over five-million views since it was unofficially released last summer. Plus, Gilbert is on the brink of having his third consecutive chart-topping hit with the song.

Watch the Brantley Gilbert 'Kick It in the Sticks' Video