Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood deny any wrongful conduct in a copyright infringement suit involving their 2011 hit ‘Remind Me.’ Singer/songwriter Amy Bowen filed the suit in May, claiming the songwriters stole from her.

A judge refused to dismiss the complaint in December. Bowen says she wrote a song called ‘Remind Me’ in 2007 and brought it to a 14-week country music songwriting workshop, at which Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois were advisors. Along with Paisley, the two men wrote the song for the singer’s 2011 ‘This Is Country Music’ album.

A judge denied dismissal because she felt the way Paisley and Underwood use the words “remind me” is similar to how Bowen used them. Bowen -- who performs as Lizza Connor -- copyrighted the song in 2008.

“Defendants (Paisley and Underwood) deny any wrongful conduct, omissions, infringement or any other activities alleged by Plaintiff in this District or elsewhere or that they are liable to the Plaintiff for any claims,” this most recent filing reads.

Another interesting wrinkle that became public this week is DuBois’ countersuit against Bowen. He claims that she signed a consent agreement that -- in so many words -- makes it difficult or impossible for her to sue for trademark infringement. Radar Online claims she basically gave up her rights to sue at that time, and DuBois wants her to pay for damages.

In addition to Paisley, Underwood and the songwriters, the other defendants in the case are producer Frank Rogers, Sea Gayle Music, EMI April Music and Sony Music Entertainment. Bowen is asking for $10 million.