Over the 4+ years, I have lived in Texas some of the strangest stories I have heard have been about people trying to smuggle drugs over the border. It's crazy but If you pay attention, drug dealers will stuff drugs into just about anything if they think they can just drive it over the border.

I've seen drugs stuffed in fish, hollowed-out watermelons, and even drugs stuffed inside bags of chips, and this latest episode features way more meth than anyone could possibly hide, even on their best attempt.  The over 800 pounds of Meth discovered inside a commercial trailer covered in fresh broccoli has a street value of some $16,094,000. Yes, you read that right. Over $16 million dollars in meth and they tried to hide it by covering it with some fresh broccoli. If ever there was a time to sing!

Carlos Rodriguez, Port Director, Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzaldus Port of Entry said, “This is a substantial amount of hard narcotics that our officers have detected and seized from drug trafficking organizations attempting to smuggle these drugs across our border. By preventing this drug load from reaching the U.S., CBP advances its border security mission, protecting our citizens and communities."

Rational thinking just isn't a part of the game plan with these guys. A quick trip to Youtube will show you multiple instances of people attempting to cross the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge with massive quantities of drugs! Can you imagine how many attempts are made that we don't stop?

The massive attempt to sneak the 800lbs of Meth into Texas happened on August 3rd as a 51-year-old driver arrived at the cargo facility. He almost got away with it as the inspection of his vehicle began one afternoon but was concluded the following day. FoxSanantonio.com reports it was on the second day that agents discovered all the meth hiding behind all that broccoli. 1561 packages in all.

Agents with Homeland Security arrested the driver who was a citizen from General Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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