Is the local video store finally dead? With the popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others, and DVD movie vending services like Redbox, I thought video stores were gone a long time ago. The Friday night ritual of visiting the video store to rent movies and games that were always already rented was a regular thing in my house, probably yours too. So now, word comes that the very last Blockbuster Video store in the Lone Star State is closing it's doors for good. Wait, there was still a store in business?

According to a published report, the store located in Edinburg posted a sign on the door recently announcing the store's closing for good.

I can remember when Blockbuster went the route of renting via the mail which at the time, was pretty handy.

Sorry to see you go, Edinburg Blockbuster and while that may be the last one in the state, there is at least one Blockbuster store in America, as evidenced by their Twitter page. While the store is listed with the generic:

Located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Center! Not part of Blockbuster Corporate. We're all on our own.

The page may be completely fake, but it is a hilarious one. Some of their posts are epic.


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