Not everyone loves the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day -- especially those who are single and unattached. Even though Blake Shelton is married to one of the most beautiful and most desirable women in country music (Miranda Lambert, of course), you still won't find him cheerleading the holiday with a flowers in one hand and a stuffed bear under the other arm. In fact, he participates sorta begrudgingly -- just like the rest of the guys!

Shelton, in his trademark dry and self-deprecating style, admitted that February holiday isn't at the forefront of his mind. When asked how he plans to surprise his missus, he told People, "I’m one of those guys that’s like, ‘Oh s—. It’s Valentine’s Day. I better get flowers or something.’ It’s not a guy’s holiday, so they suck to me.'"

We'd bet a lot of guys probably share Shelton's sentiments of the big day for lovers, so it's hard to fault him.

Not to mention, Shelton is an extremely busy man right now. The fourth season of 'The Voice' is on tap to premiere on March 25, and his new album, the just-announced 'Based on a True Story…,' comes out the very next day. The album is heralded by his hit single, 'Sure Be Cool if You Did.'

If nothing else, Lambert would probably be keen if Shelton simple surprised her and their growing brood of pets with some family time (Okay, and maybe some human-only chocolate).