If there's one guy in country music who really likes to kiss other guys, it would have to be Blake Shelton. Shelton has laid a smacker on just about everyone, including notable male peers Adam Levine (his fellow coach on The Voice), American Idol rival Luke Bryan, duet partner Trace Adkins, and more.

The latest poor, unsuspecting man Shelton decided to kiss? Well, that would be his opening act on the 2018 Country Music Freaks Tour, Brett Eldredge. Shelton joined Eldredge on stage for a rendition of his 2010 hit "All About Tonight" in New Mexico Feb. 17, and, well, he was just so moved by Eldredge's moves that he had to lay one on him.

Eldredge, to his credit, seemed unfazed by the impromptu embrace, coolly going on with his business. Guess he got the memo this sort of thing would be coming, eventually.

Shelton's probably feeling extra kissy these days, because, as he explains, playing live is totally his jam. “The main thing that I look forward to these days, and honestly I always have, is my live performances,” he noted in a statement preceding the launch of his tour. “And even though I’m the first to say that too much time on the road can wear me down, too much time away from the road can break my heart."

Carly Pearce and Adkins will also join Shelton for special performances on the 14-date tour, which kicks off Feb. 15 in Tulsa, Okla., and wraps up March 17 in Philadelphia.

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