A new season of The Voice kicks off in September, and Blake Shelton may be letting all of his winnings go to his head. Actually, he's always been braggadocios with his victories, but threatening the competition feels a little extra.

The Voice released a new ad for the upcoming Season 22, and it looks like there is a killer on the loose on set. It opens with Camila Cabello discovering her vanity has been decorated with balloons, presents, flowers and a big sign that reads "Welcome Camila." While examining the gifts, she finds an anonymous note.

"You're going to lose so bad. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" she reads.

The words are comprised of letters cut from a magazine — it's reminiscent of what a victim would find in a horror movie just before their demise. And, as it turns out, John Legend has also discovered an anonymous letter.

"You should never have come back," he shares, reading his note to the rest of the coaches.

All this time, Shelton seems to be feigning innocence. He even tells the crew that they shouldn't worry about anonymous notes like those. However, they're skeptical. It also seems like a dead giveaway that Shelton's wife and fellow coach Gwen Stefani did not receive a threatening letter.

At last, the identity of the one leaving threats is revealed in a surprise and funny ending.

It's funny little ads like this that remind us that The Voice — despite being a competition — is just one big family. Of course, Shelton would never actually knock off one of his competitors, but we know he would joke about it. Right?

After missing the spring season, The Voice returns to NBC on Monday, Sep. 19. It's the first time the show has only aired one run during the year. Blake Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani are all returning coaches, while Camila Cabello will be a rookie in the rotating red chairs.

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