Big Win Slots is an affront to gaming, and a cruel, exploitative money-sucker that you need to avoid at all costs. Some might question why such a game is worthy of review. To that we say that we need to talk about this game to encourage as many people as possible to do everything they can to stop their moms, grandpas, wives and little brothers from putting this thing on their phones.

Similar to real gambling, playing this game too much can leave you broke with nothing to show for your efforts. Unlike real gambling, there’s no other possible outcome.

Like real-life slot machines, Big Win Slots is geared to addict you to its monotonous, occasionally rewarding, no-skill-required drudgery. The hope from the developer seems to be to lull you into an irrational need to unlock every machine, spending your real money in the process.

We fired up the game in hopes of killing out our credit stack as quickly as possible, just to see how the game would shake us down for real money once we lost it all. It took about 45 minutes of betting the maximum on each spin until we got there, then our stomachs turned when the in-game store gave us some options for getting more coin. The most expensive option asked for $99.99 to give us 600,000 credits.

We laughed it off and uninstalled the game immediately, just to verify that re-downloading it gave us some more starter credits. The downside of doing that is the deletion also did away with all our progress, having unlocked three machines with our work. Back at square one, we sacrificed our high-rolller slots for the chance to play again without having to pay real money.

The problem comes with people who’ve grown attached to their unlocked machines. We can imagine players rationalizing plunking down $5 just to keep playing, hoping to unlock the next-highest machine during downtime. And it stands to reason that the $5 could snowball until people are losing as much money as they would gambling on slots at a real casino on this venomous junk.

Unlike its equally scammy brother, Big Win Blackjack, slots are no fun to play, especially when no money’s at stake. You just tap the “spin” button over and over, with no illusion of skill or strategy bending your luck either way. There’s no enjoyment, no comped drinks and no hope of success unless you delete the app.

Big Win Slots (free-to-play), available on iOS and Android platforms, was published by Mobile Deluxe. We played the game for two hours on a Droid 2.